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Weather at Coral Bay

As part of Cyprus the weather at Coral Bay is always warm, but being on the west coast it of course has the advantage of seaviews and morning suns that make it just that little bit better than other parts of the island.

In the summer time the maximum temperatures is up to 34C for a day or two in August, but for most of the time it is a more relaxing 30C in the middle of the day, with a cool evening of low to mid 20.

Cool evening breezes are a daily occurrence at Coral Bay and that makes the Sundowner overlooking the Mediterranean one of the highlights of each day you stay here.

Rain is very rare during the summer months which is wonderful for visitors, though harder on the gardeners and farmers of the region!

The heaviest rains are in the winter, when it is also quite cool. In recent years the weather has been fine at Christmas, but it is possible to have showers during any time in December and January.

Christmas Days with 20C, bright clear blue skies are common.

Here is a graph of Rainfall in millimeters per day average:

As you can see the summer months are basically entirely clear of rain, while even in the rainiest month of December there is a mere 1.2mm of rain per day, barely enough to wet the ground.  So while holiday makers rejoice the farmers and gardeners of the island are busy with their irrigation and watering!



Restaurants Food

The main Coral bay Avenue which leads from the beach inland is the center of most restaurants in the district, but remember that some of the best options are more off the beaten path so do explore the different parts of Coral Bay.

Cypriot food is a mixture of different influences from the Mediterranean, and of course particularly in Coral Bay you will find many foods from the local seas. All types of seafood both familiar and exotic are available, together with steaks, salads and pasts.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.