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Villas at Coral Bay

As well as a choice of hotels and resorts at Coral Bay there are also many nice options for staying in private Villas, either individual ones or those which are part of a complex.

With over 200 separate Villa accommodations around the Bay, each sleeping around 4 to 8 persons, this is plenty of space for many people.

Typically each Villa has a fully equipped Kitchen and bathroom, several bedrooms, day room and outside seating areas. Many also have games rooms and swimming pools, either private or shared with other parts of the Villa complex.

Consider some of these as examples, but do search for more choices when you select a Villa.

Amarna Villa - Located in the Sea Caves area this recently built luxury modern Villa that has 3 double bedrooms, each with it's own bathroom.  Fitted with air conditioning for the summer and and under floor heating for the winter months, it is equipped with a Jacuzzi bath and steam shower. Situated high over the bay it has clear views to the sea which is only 5 minutes walk away. Private infinity swimming pool with Jacuzzi. BBQ area shaded with a thatched roof.  Get more details from the owner at:‎



Restaurants Food

The main Coral bay Avenue which leads from the beach inland is the center of most restaurants in the district, but remember that some of the best options are more off the beaten path so do explore the different parts of Coral Bay.

Cypriot food is a mixture of different influences from the Mediterranean, and of course particularly in Coral Bay you will find many foods from the local seas. All types of seafood both familiar and exotic are available, together with steaks, salads and pasts.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.