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Nightlife at Coral Bay, Cyprus

Most of the nightlife around Coral Bay is centered on Coral Bay Avenue itself, more commonly known as "The Strip" where most of the restaurants are located. The majority of eateries have some form of entertainment in the evening, either Cypriot style music and dance, or a more modern band and singer.

Take the local bus to the centre, or walk if you are staying close enough, and find the many facilities from banks to car and bike hire.  The area is well lit both by street lights and by the displays of the shops and restaurants which are open late into the evening.

Most cocktail bars are still open run past midnight but are required to maintain the peace after 12:00 therefore they will be quieter.  In the Coral Bay area most clubs have been renovated recently so there are plenty of nice and clean places to go in the evening with music and dancing.

Both traditional Cypriot music and dance shows, modern lounge singers, and tribute acts are all very popular.  Combined with the different types of drinks available including local wines and international cocktails there is no shortage of choices for nightlife.

Beware that if you are travelling in to the area from outside and wish to return by taxi afterwards that although there are several taxi hire stands available including Peyia Taxi and Michael Taxi that as is the norm in Cyprus the prices are higher after midnight.

Restaurants Food

The main Coral bay Avenue which leads from the beach inland is the center of most restaurants in the district, but remember that some of the best options are more off the beaten path so do explore the different parts of Coral Bay.

Cypriot food is a mixture of different influences from the Mediterranean, and of course particularly in Coral Bay you will find many foods from the local seas. All types of seafood both familiar and exotic are available, together with steaks, salads and pasts.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.