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Hotels near Coral Bay, Cyprus

Several hotels are right on the sea or nearby at Coral Bay, and of course around the neighbouring Paphos area there are even more hotel choices.

Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa - Named after, and located next to, the "Sea" this small luxury hotel is one of the finest in the Mediterranean. Overlooking Coral Bay itself it is located on one of the two peninsular that bound the bay making it an ideal location for those wishing to watch the sea. With a terrace swimming pool right up at the cliff edge, complete with children's separate wading pool, with views over the whole Coral Bay.  With only 58 rooms it is quite exclusive but offers excellent value for money..

Coral Beach Hotel and Resort - Located just in land from the Thalassa and operated by the same chain this resort occupies a great position with views over the golden sand beaches and the clear water of the Coral Bay itself.  The peninsular that this and the Thalassa are on is a protected UNESCO heritage site.  There are great walks and drives as well as the option to go horseback riding.  The resort itself has entertainments throughout the day and shows at night.

Koumasia Villas - A great family option the Koumasia Dream Villas are 2km inland from the bay making it just a 5 minutes drive from the sea.  The Villas are modern buildings with modern Mediterranean styling inside, including kitchens and bathrooms to the highest standards.  There is a shared swimming pool and enclosed parking.

Restaurants Food

The main Coral bay Avenue which leads from the beach inland is the center of most restaurants in the district, but remember that some of the best options are more off the beaten path so do explore the different parts of Coral Bay.

Cypriot food is a mixture of different influences from the Mediterranean, and of course particularly in Coral Bay you will find many foods from the local seas. All types of seafood both familiar and exotic are available, together with steaks, salads and pasts.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2013,, All Rights Reserved.